Product Development

Since our inception we have been architecting, designing and developing products using the open source and the Microsoft technology stack. There has been a lot of learning in that journey and we have done enough hard work to know how to develop internet based products the right way. We take great pride in building scalable applications and are completely committed to doing it in the most optimal way. Read more...

Google Sites Applications
Google Sites Applications

Enterprise Development

An enterprise application is a large software system platform designed to operate in a corporate environment such as business or government.

Enterprise applications are complex, scalable, component-based and mission critical. Enterprise application software consists of a group of programs with shared business applications and organizational modeling utilities designed for unparalleled functionalities. Enterprise Application’s are developed using enterprise architecture. Enterprise Application services include online shopping and payment processing, interactive product catalogs, computerized billing systems, security, content management, IT service management, content switching modules, resource planning, business intelligence, human resource management, manufacturing, application integration, forms automation, sales force automation, enterprise resource planning and business process management. Read more...


APPTRONIX understands the dynamics of Mobile development for iPhone and Android application development. We have mobile development expertise across all major mobile platforms and operating systems.

We provide end to end mobile solutions for both enterprise and customer centric applications. Our mobile enablement services for enterprise applications focus on improving workforce productivity while consumer centric applications focus on providing top notch omni channel experience to improve user engagement. Read more...

Google Sites Applications
Google Sites Applications

Google’s Cloud Platform

We help companies leverage the full potential of Google Cloud Platform, which enables you to build, test and deploy applications on Google’s global infrastructure. From planning to implementation, our team of Google Cloud Platform experts provides services and software to accelerate your successful adoption of Google’s compute, big data, and storage solutions.

Google runs one of the largest, most reliable, resilient and highly scalable IT infrastructures in the world. Read more...

Agile Development

We have burnt our hands enough times using the traditional approaches to realize agility adds lot of value to product development. We build products using Scrum and swear by its effectiveness. We are well versed with leading Scrum based tools like JIRA, Rally to manage product releases in an agile way. Read more...

Google Sites Applications
Google Sites Applications

Technology Advisory

After having worked on a diverse range of software products, our team has gained invaluable insights into building products the right way. We leverage this expertise to help our clients architect, design and develop innovative products. Sometimes the process comes in the way of success and we can help in that too. We have a good understanding of the effective processes to follow and are always more than eager to share our patterns of success Read more...